RSS Graffiti: Auto Publish Blog Feed To Facebook

RSS Graffiti is one of the best application on Facebook to publish the blog feeds on Facebook pages or on personal profiles. RSS Graffiti helps to updates the Facebook pages or profiles by reading data from the blog’s feed. So, the primary requirement over here is to have a RSS feed system implemented on your blog from services like feed-burner etc.

We can use RSS Graffiti to accept the process feeds from various sources on to Facebook pages or profiles. It means, you can have multiple feeds and multiple pages to publish the updates using this app. And, above all this is a free app.

The automation process of your Facebook pages or profile will be helpful to keep your fans and friends updated by decreasing the workload to update the Facebook pages and profile manually.

So, let’s check out- How to configure RSS Graffiti to publish the posts on Facebook pages or profile on your behalf.

Steps For Setting-Up RSS Graffiti App For Auto Publishing 

  • A pop will be displayed asking for Authorizing your Facebook account to use this app. Just click “Go to Permission Dialog”
  • Next you need to authorize the RSS Graffiti to use your public profile, friend list,email address and groups. Just click “okay”
  • Now allow the RSS Graffiti by clicking “okay” to post on your wall on your behalf.
  • Now click on “Add New Publishing Plan”

  •   Enter the name of your profile or Facebook fan page at “My publishing plan”
  • Click on “New Source” button to add the source URL basically an RSS feed URL. 
  • Click on “New Target” button to add the Facebook page on which you want automated updates from RSS feeds.
  • There are a lot of settings which you can tune up or down depending upon your particular requirements. I would suggest you too play around a little bit explore it. But, specially take care of the “Publishing Plan Frequency” depending on how often you would like RSS Graffiti to check the RSS feed for new posts.

Facebook Fan Page Configuration 
  • To update your Facebook fan pages this is the best method.
  • You can even add many other sources to create a very engaging data for the page followers so as to gain a good amount of likes. 
  • Which in turn will help you boost your blog traffic.
So far this is the app which I’m personally using on my various Facebook Fan Pages on various niches. 

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