Facebook or Google Plus or Twitter – Bloggers Choice

Google Plus Facebook Twitter

Google Plus has definitely changed the way we interact and it happens to be a multilingual social networking website operated by Google.

  • Google has gone ahead and given Google Plus as a different social layer. On the other hand Twitter happens to be social networking as well micro blogging service where one can read and send text based messages up to 140 characters. All said and done, from the blogger’s perspective the obvious choice has to be Facebook.
  • Historically Facebook was launched way back in 2004 and happens to be one of the oldest social networking websites. Other than this the domain has close to one billion active users and people from all generations can use it. Lot of advantages can be associated with using Facebook as in the world of today as people tend to consider it as a part and facet of. Lot of reasons could be attributed to it which are depicted below.
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