Ten Reasons why you shouldn’t buy Apple iPhone 5S or 5C?

Well, we know there are many Apple fans out there who are so well brainwashed that they can still

wait in lines for whole night or days to get hands on a new Apple iPhone. But, here the question arises why there is so much hype for just a gadget which doesn’t have new features as compared to Android OS? Mostly it has became a cult of Apple iPhone.

Below are the top 10 reasons – Don’t Buy Apple iPhone

10. You Don’t Get Much Screen Considering How Big It Is

 The screen size is so small compared to current market norms it become completely horrible experience to browse videos, play games or even typing using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

9.  Not Actually That Great As A Phone

iPhone’s didn’t performed well on many bench marks. The hardware specification of an Apple iPhone is generations back compared to Android OS. Best example : Every high end smartphone today in market have NFC function. But, seems like it will be next big thing for Apple to get it(means another year of slavery).

8. Buying iPhone Encourages The Walled-Garden Business Model

The closed iOS environment makes the development a sluggish process. While on contrary to iOS Android OS is open source you can lay around with your device as you want and you don’t have to pay anything to anyone. And, thank god- No more filthy Law Suits.

7. Most iOS innovation are Android OS copies

Now, that’s a bad habit. The best example of it in the new iOS7 where users can have access to quick settings using the status bar which comes from the bottom of screen compared to what we see in the Android OS where it comes from the top. (The next big thing from Apple)

6. Outdated Design
 The design of Apple iPhone 5S is 2 years old. Still for some people is the next big thing in industry. Apple follows the same single button on the screen cult which is by far 5 years old design model approach. Oh, guess what now it have fingerprint sensor. Wow, it took Apple 1 year to add just a new feature while other companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc are the true leaders in the mobile industry which are taking smartphones into new paradigms of mobile evolution. 

5. No micro SD Slot

Explain me why can’t you put a simple memory slot on a phone. Let me tell you because Apple want you to pay heavy price to purchase there 3 different models depending on your need(8GB,16GB, 32GB). And, you get locked with that phone for 2 years with a contract. On most Android OS smartphones you have ability to extend memory. And, thanks to HD movie recording features in Apple iPhone, you will soon going to run off your memory.

4. Camera Update To far behind the competitors
Apple’s great marketing spiel about the 5S’s improved sensor and iOS 7 imaging software, the fact is there are better camera phones out there, such as the recently launched Nokia Lumia 1020 or Sony Xperia Z1.

3. The Cost

Recently launched Apple iPhone 5c was priced at  £469 for the cheapest 16GB model, the 5C is effectively the iPhone 5 downgraded into a plastic casing and with a slightly reduced price tag compared with the iPhone 5S’s cost of £549. Seems like Apple is competing with itself. They jut want to keep there loyal fans troll around there head for Plastic Vs metal combination rather than trying to get new customers.

2. Barely a Stand out in crowd

One of the strongest selling points the iPhone had was that it was new and interesting. Having an iPhone marks you out as a follower rather than a leader of fashion, these days. Technical wise y9ou are lagging far behind in smartphone age if you’re using Apple iPhone. (No OTG,NFC,MIracast, No memory slot etc).

1. Can’t remove battery

If you are a heavy user you might run out of battery soon in a day. Well, if you have a spare battery you can just pop in and can go on with out any trouble for running towards a wall socket for charging you device in crowded place or office. For many, battery swap can become a deal breaker.

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