How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Without Waiting In Line

Microsoft has released Windows 10 on July 29,2015. Windows 10 is the most anticipated Windows launch till date. Windows 10 was released in testing stage through Windows Insider Program. Many of you might have the opportunity to test the Windows 10 before it was released. The most beautiful thing about Windows 10 is it’s free.


You can get Windows 10 through the gradual update process which may take up-to weeks.

So, instead of waiting for the update you can jump the line and get Windows 10 running on your PC by following the below steps.
NOTE: Before installing Windows 10 backup all your files and data just in case.

  1. If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 click here : Microsoft Windows 10 Download Page
  2. Before downloading first check your PC is 32-bit or 64- bit. Right click on MY Computer or This PC in File Explorer and go to properties. It will be listed under System Type as shown below.

   3.  If you are on 32-bit version click here : Download 32-bit here
   4.  If you are on 64-bit version click here : Download 64-bit here
   5.  Run the tool and then select Upgrade this PC now as show below.
 6.  Let the tool perform the check and download the required Windows 10 files. 
 7.  After Windows 10 downloaded, you will be shown three options:
  • Keep personal files and apps
  • Keep personal files only
  • Nothing

 8.  Select first option(Keep Personal files and apps), so that your files and apps remains intact even after upgrade to Windows 10.

 9.  Windows 10 will reboot several times and after few customization your Windows 10 will be ready.
 10. If you want to roll back to previous version of your Windows you can easily do it. By going to Settings > Update & Security > Choose the option to go back(Windows 7 or Windows 8.1).
Enjoy your brand new Windows 10 OS. 
If you have any doubts or you just want to share your thoughts on Windows 10 please leave your comments below.

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