How To Delete Yahoo Account Permanently-Easy Method(2013)

In this small, yet very important post you will be going to learn “How To Delete Yahoo Account Permanently-Easy Method(2013)”

Many E Mail domain providers mainly like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc do have a simple and easier way to signup on their domain(Even a first time user can able to do it) . But, when a person wants to delete the accounts it’s a tedious and much complex job(A good niche techie may get confused).

  The following steps are simple and easy. Watch the below video and go through the text.

Steps that are taken in above tutorial are following:
1. Go to and login with your login details.

2. Now paste this address in your browser’s address bar:
and hit enter.

3. Now fill your password, enter the CAPTCHA and select “YES Terminate my account”.

That’s all. Congratulations!

I hope it helped you.

If you have doubts please leave your comments below.

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