Insert Facebook Like Button In Every Blogger Post

Hi friends, In this post we will learn how to insert Facebook like button in every Google Blogger Blog posts at the beginning and at the end. Social networks have been playing an important role in Blogging for driving traffic. Facebook is one the most liked social network among all the Internet users. Facebook enables you to create a Fan page and share your content on it. When a person like your facebook fanpage, he/she subscribe to your content on Facebook. He / She will be getting updates from your fan page about your Blog and they will visit you. Indeed it is an important source of referral traffic. We all know the importance of traffic for Rankings.
insert Facebook like button in Blogger posts

WordPress has many built-in plug-in that enables this feature easily. But Google Blogger users have to do this manually by editing their blog’s template. It is not a difficult task and if you know a little bit of HTML/XML then it takes a few minutes. You need to follow these steps in order to make it happen:
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