10 Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

There is always scope to improve your Google Adsense Revenue and one good change can easily increase your adsense income by 33% to 100%.

Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue (As suggested by Google Itself):

1. Opt for text & image ads.
according to google, this will lead to large ad inventory for your site
and google can select the best text or image ad suitable for your webpage.

2. In google webinar for AdSense publishers it was suggested that:
a) the middle, above the fold location performs best for ads. (try 300*250)
b) if you usually write long articles then the bottom of article is a good place to show ad.
try 300*250 as (text + image ad) or try 336 *280 as text only ad
  Note: Apart from this, if you want to show ad at the top of website then i suggest try 728 * 90
             leader board.

3. Consider Your Content When Adding New Adsense Units
be creative and aesthetic while adding ads in your site.
the ads should merge with your content and should not spoil the user experience.

4. Opt-in to Placement Targeting
Placement targeting allows AdWords advertisers to choose specific ad placements in your site
and most probably, you will get more revenue per click.
still confused?

5. Use Link Units on Pages with 3 Adsense units in a page.
(these link units give some extra revenue but not always suit in every website design)

6. Display Google Search Box at a very prominent place in your website.
the best place to display search box is top left corner of page.
you can display maximum 2 google search box in a page.

7. Create Custom Channels for your google adsense units
so that you can track the performance of your google adsense units
and optimize the adsense units which are not performing well.

8. Use the best performing google adsense units
e.g. 728 * 90 (Leaderboard), 160 * 600 (Wide Skyscraper) and 300 * 250 (Medium Rectangle)
as a thumb rule, wider google ads perform better.
(i suggest consider 336 * 280 ad for “text only” ads.
otherwise use 300 * 250 ad for “text & image” ads.)

Other Tips to increase Google Adsense revenue
1. Don’t blindly implement Google suggested tips on adsense.
e.g. most of the time 728 * 90 is a better performing adsense unit than 468 * 60 ad unit.
but in certain webpage layouts 468 * 60 might work better than 728 * 90 ad unit.
so basically one has to use his mind to see which ad unit is more suitable in my website.

2. Study the Heat map and consider using Crazy egg tool to know the best ad location in your website.
basically, you have try different layouts for few months and find out which website layout and google adsense units gives best performance. frankly speaking, you have to experiment to find what suits your site.

3. more traffic means more click.
so post good content and give better user experience on your site.
don’t place the ads in such a way that it irritates the user.

Now here you have two Strategies to follow:
a) you don’t care about returning visitors
and you just want to get more adsense clicks as you think most of your site traffic is via google.
this strategy is like a typical tea stall in a railway station…
where the stall owners knows that most of his clients are new and are one time visits only.
most people who follow this stradegy display ads at the top of page (because it gets maximum attention from readers) and they also display ads within the post (mostly at the starting of the post).
you definitely get more clicks, but you lose building subscribers and no one shares your post
as readers are in a hurry to leave the site, forget about promoting the site !!!.
b. or you give a better user experience and want to have returning visitors
presenting a good website also leads to more sharing of your post by readers via Facebook, twitter etc
this strategy is like drinking tea/coffee in cafe coffee day
(i go for second strategy. moreover Google approach to rank websites promote the sites which are giving good user experience and less bounce rate. and this is the way search engines are evolving.

4. Don’t forget the new Google update on penalizing the sites showing more ads above the fold than content.

5. choose your niche and focus on it.
if your post is not focused on a certain keyword
then Google might face problem in displaying the correct adsense for your content.
a) For Google Content is critical to ad targeting
so write content rich articles focused on some keyword.
b) Google also suggest to use Section Targeting to highlight important content in your page to Google.
c) build your site reputation with Google on a certain niche.
this will attract good ads in your site for that particular niche.
(for this write post on that niche regularly, get links from related sites and do not deviate from your niche)

6. find out which keywords are high paying keywords in your niche
and focus more on writing post in these high paying keywords.

7. Create a good Adsense unit
a) Most of the cases, the best performing ad unit color blends with your site background.
e.g. border and background of Ad Unit color should be same as your site background color.
b) Use Same font for Ad Unit as you are using for your links in your site.

8. Study the big sites like economictimes.indiatimes.com, thehindu.com, CNN.com or other big sites because big sites generally have staff to optimize their adsense revenue and you will get some new idea to display adsense units.

9. Integrate Google Analytics with your Adsense to study how your pages are performing in terms of revenue versus traffic.
at adsense home page, google share link to tutorial for connecting google analytics with adsense account

10. Check Google Adsense Sandbox Tool to know which ads are displayed in your site at other countries.
i generally Block categories in Google Adsense which are not performing well.
(categories which have high page impression but are giving low revenue).

NOTE: It is believed that the highest paying ad in a page is the one which comes first in your page.
so some people suggest that show less ads in your page so that Google display best ad in your page.
but I don’t agree with this tip and i go with Google suggestion to display more ads.
at the same time, you can sacrifice a Google adsense unit to show affiliate banner if you are making money via affiliates or to make the user experience better.

Its good that you read till here and you know these facts but the biggest tip is to experiment keeping this facts in your mind.

Are you satisfied with all the above information. Please, do share your personal experience.

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Make more money with Google Adsense – Simple trick explained

After the Google Adsense post the other day and explaining some of my settings and strategies, I thought one tip I mentioned should be given more explanation.

This little tweak can improve your earnings significantly so it is something to keep in mind when you plan your monetization with Adsense.
I mentioned that if you want to make more money with Adsense, you should have less ads. Yeah, sound crazy, I know. But it works.
There is one important number in Adsense which we will revolve around in this post – CTR, the famous Click Through Rate.

Ad CTR = Clicks / Ad impressions

The higher the CTR the better your pages are performing. High CTR means that a large percentage of people are clicking on your ads (in simple words).
Now I am getting to the point of the post… Every advertiser wants their ad to bring traffic, so he wants more clicks. Obviously, pages with high CTR are getting more clicks and advertisers want to see their ads on those pages.
They “compete” to put their ad on a high CTR page. If you have one of those, you will get better, higher paid ads on your page. Higher paid ads bring more money.

How to increase your CTR?

By using all the tips about placement, colors and sizes (and everything else) from the previous post – Money From Google Adsense. But that is only the start.
The next thing you need to do is – remove ads from some pages. You will remove the ads from all pages that have low CTR.

How to find pages with low CTR?

  • The best thing you can do for your blog/site is to track everything using free Google tools. That includes Adsense and Analytics. So to track your efforts easy, connect your Adsense account to your Analytics account.
  • That way, you can see exactly which pages have low CTR. No need for some complicated settings, it is there in plain view.
  • Make sure you have something to look at, like stats from last 3 months or something similar. Looking at stats from the last week is not a good starting point, you need more data.
  • Once you have all your pages in front of you, you need to choose which are the ones with lowest CTR. Don’t look at the ones with only a few clicks if their traffic is low as well. Low traffic and few clicks usually mean average CTR.

What you need are the pages that don’t perform well.

  • First, determine which pages have the best CTR. See if there is a group of such pages.
  • For example, when I did this on my site, I tested about 45 pages that had Adsense on them. I found 10 that performed really well, with CTR about 3%. About 25 of them had CTR anywhere from 1.5% to 3%. But I had 11 pages that had CTR below 1%.
  • So this should be your guide. Find pages that have CTR significantly lower than the majority of them.
  • Track the traffic the page is receiving. If you have a page that gets 2.000 visits but CTR is 0.5%, you are not doing great. Maybe you can monetize that page much better!? It is obviously not working with Adsense.

What to do when you find low CTR pages?

  • I removed Adsense from all of those 11 pages. So overall, my CTR went up. (I did this such a long time ago, I wish I had the screenshots to show you the differences, you would be amazed).
  • As soon as I did this, I am talking after a day or two, I started getting more money from a single click. That means that the ads delivered to my site were more expensive.
  • So, simply remove ads from pages that don’t perform well!

What do you need to get this to work to the max?

  • You need to have a topic focused site. That way Google will deliver very targeted ads. Targeted ads mean more clicks.
  • Keyword focused pages. Yes, every page should have one keyword to focus on (these are basics of SEO).
  • Connected Adsense and Analytics accounts for tracking purposes.
  • Previous tested: best colors for ads, best sizes, best placements.
  • Certain amount of time to determine which pages have good CTR and which don’t.
  • A lot of tracking and testing.

Delete and “throw away” everything that is not working.

Extra tips and tricks for making money with Adsense

  • Lower your page bounce rates. If they are high, the problem might not be the ads themselves. What might be happening is that people are clicking the back button before even having the chance to click on the ads.
  • Find the best paying keywords using Google Keyword Tools or Market Samurai and put them in the paragraphs above and below the ad units (but only if they make sense in the text). That usually pulls up even better targeted ads.
So, here ends our part of explaining you to boost your Adsense earnings. Now, it’s your turn to experiment and earn more.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please do leave your comments below. 
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Make Money With YouTube Revenue Sharing Program

Every website adopts a monetization avenue such as advertising to earn revenue. We find banners promoting brands placed along the sides, top and bottom in a website. YouTube, originally a video sharing website, also has a monetization method called the revenue sharing program.

This video website competes with Facebook for the amounts of time people spend watching videos on YouTube daily. On YouTube people explore, watch and share original videos, acquire rates, comments and respond to videos with a respond video. If you are Youtuber, use the revenue sharing program to earn money from your own videos.

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